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Cataclysm: Bright Nights

Compatibility with screen readers

There are people who uses screen readers to play Cataclysm DDA. In order for screen readers to announce the most important information in a UI, the terminal cursor has to be placed at the correct location. This information may be text such as selected item names in a list, etc, and the cursor has to be placed exactly at the beginning of the text for screen readers to announce it.

wmove in output.h|cpp is the function to move the cursor to a specific location. After calling wmove with the target catacurses::window and cursor position, wrefresh needs to be called immediately afterwards for wmove to take effect.

Here is an example of placing the cursor explicitly at the beginning of a piece of text:

catacurses::window win = ...; // target window


// display code
point cursor_position = ...; // default cursor position


cursor_position = point_zero; // record the start position of the text
fold_and_print( win, cursor_position, getmaxx( win ), c_white, _( "This text is important" ) );


// at the end of display code
wmove( win, cursor_position );
wrefresh( win );
// no output code should follow as they might change the cursor position

As shown in the above example, it is preferable to record the intended cursor position in a variable when the text is printed, and move the cursor later using the variable to ensure consisitency.