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Cataclysm: Bright Nights

CLI Options

The game executable can not only run your favorite roguelike, but also provides a number of command line options to help modders and developers.



print this message and exit.


print the paths used by the game and exit.

Command line parameters

--seed <string of letters and or numbers>

Sets the random number generator’s seed value.


Checks the BN json files.

--check-mods [mods…]

Checks the json files belonging to BN mods.

--dump-stats <what> [mode = TSV] [opts…]

Dumps item stats.

--world <name>

Load world.

--basepath <path>

Base path for all game data subdirectories.


If set, no debug messages will be printed.


If set, will generate Lua docs and exit.

--datadir <directory name>

Sub directory from which game data is loaded.

--autopickupfile <filename>

Name of the autopickup options file within the configdir.

--motdfile <filename>

Name of the message of the day file within the motd directory.

Map sharing


Activates the map-sharing mode.

--username <name>

Instructs map-sharing code to use this name for your character..

--addadmin <username>

Instructs map-sharing code to use this name for your character and give you access to the cheat functions..

--adddebugger <username>

Informs map-sharing code that you’re running inside a debugger.


Instructs map-sharing code to disable access to the in-game cheat functions.


Enables the world menu in the map-sharing code.

User directories

--userdir <path>

Base path for user-overrides to files from the ./data directory and named below.

--savedir <directory name>

Subdirectory for game saves.

--configdir <directory name>

Subdirectory for game configuration.

--memorialdir <directory name>

Subdirectory for memorials.

--optionfile <filename>

Name of the options file within the configdir.