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Cataclysm: Bright Nights

Stable 0.2


  • Rework teleglow, nether attention, stare monattack.
  • AI now can target and shoot moving cars.
  • Food items now show how temperature affects it rot.
  • Graphical overmap now enabled by default. Obsolete Graphical Overmap mod, rename to Larwick’s Overmap.
  • Reorganized mod resources. All Bright Nights resources now labeled with unique id.
  • Allows pushing vehicles over ramps.
  • Melee skill actually impacts attack stamina usage.
  • Add the ability to mark items as favorite from the multidrop menu.


  • Finished ammo and armor rebalance. Armour piercing ammunition now more effective agaisnt armored targets, but armor in certain cases provides somewhat better protection against gunshots. Changes included reworked power armor stats.
  • remove glare protection requirement for forged frames.
  • Make bicycle alternators (dynamos) craftable.
  • Allow repairing items with forges.
  • Allow easier installing/removing of some parts.
  • Robots no longer completely immune to lasers.
  • Prevents dodge gain exploit.
  • Wraith and shadow special attack updates.
  • Shadow and cult creature updates from Arcana.
  • Adjustments to mi-go locations, atmosphere field.

Quality of Life

  • Added ability Submit bug report directly from game.
  • Reduce blinking effects speed (300 -> 800ms), and add an option to change it in game.
  • Deactivate pet robots in pet menu instead of query.
  • While flying, warn when letting go of control or stop driving.


  • Migrate to C++17.
  • Implement relic recharge.
  • Grid constructions now use workshop category.
  • Allow marking construction recipes as favorite, sort recipes by name in construction UI.

New Content

  • Added new electric grid appliances.
  • Adds grid forge rigs, chemistry sets, and chemlabs.
  • Added hauler bot.
  • Most of the building contains built in electric grids.
  • Add grid flag to more specials, mods in particular.
  • Added new helicopter parts group to helipad.
  • Add mountable autodoc and autodoc couch.

Ported from later versions of DDA

  • Port complete leash and lead system.
  • Port over fix for spellcasting monsters and summon spells.
  • Updated DinoMod.
  • Add in-game progression diary.
  • Cathedral overhaul.
  • add NPCs to biker_dump.
  • Port Barbaran Montante and rebalance.


  • Add missing damage sources kills and suicide to kills list.