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Cataclysm: Bright Nights

Stable 0.3


  • New scenario: Play as Feral and befriend with zombies (on certain conditions).
  • Added ability to manually connect and disconnect multiple power grids via voltmeter and some materials.
  • Added shields to the game.
  • Further improvements to Rule of Cool explosions:
    • Chain explosions.
    • Items turn into shrapnel.
    • Custom animations.


  • Improved mechs.
  • Added craftable helicopter rotors.
  • Water cannons can now fire acid.
  • Buffed water purification methods.
  • Yet more tweaks to bows (decreased damage, strength cap is now a soft cap).
  • Tweaked power armor spawn locations.

New content

  • Added new CBMs. Some CBMs ported from existing mods.
  • A lot of locations reworked and improved.
  • Expansion to the Old Guard faction.


  • Lab Finale rework.
  • Updates to build files.
  • Weapon categories for martial arts and gunmods (eases mod integrations).
  • Allow NPCs to use all bionic weapons not just the hardcoded list.
  • Improve code for NPC method of attack, generally improving their ability to choose weapons and attacks. Allows them to reload magazines and perform combat reloads with single shot weapons.


  • Multiple bugfixes related to NPC AI weapon selection and ranged attacks.
  • Fixes to off-road vehicle behavior.
  • Fix to the long-standing issue when not all overmap specials could spawn if there were too many mods enabled.
  • Fixes to monster attacks and movement over z-levels.

Ported from later versions of DDA

  • Feral humans (with additional tweaks).
  • Additional achievements.