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Cataclysm: Bright Nights



T-6 Years

Drones (eyebots) used in police work.

T-4 Years

Personal bionics become commonplace for the wealthy, and for those withhigh-demand government positions.

T-3 Years

Escalations in China and DPRK lead to a “Cold War,” with both sides highly prioritizing defense research.

T-3 Years

Transposition along 4th axis discovered by DARPA researchers.

T-3 Years

Robotic police officers enter service in limited areas.

T-30 Months

4th dimensional topology mapped out. It’s found that certain areas are “lower” along the 4th axis, allowing for relatively low-energy transposition into areas of interest.

T-28 Months

Collection of materials along 4th axis commences. First contamination occurs but is confined to the two research labs with transposition equipment, and is in amounts so tiny (a few dozen molecules) that it is not remarked upon.

T-25 Months

Gun control laws greatly relaxed as a result of perceived increase in public safety.

T-20 Months

Robotic police officers are used in 95% of police precincts.

T-18 Months

A new federal agency, the Xenophysical Energy Defense Research Agency (XEDRA), is created to oversee the construction and operation of 12 new 4th axis research labs, scattered across the midwest.

Other agency names:

  • HYDRA (HYperdimensional Defense Research Agency)
  • ATMAR (Agency for Transitional Mechanics & Activity Research)
  • APRA (Abnormal Phenomena Research Agency)

T-16 Months

Plasma weapons developed in response to rising threat in China, DPRK

T-15 Months

Increases in extradimensional research leads to collection of living samples. This notably includes XE037 (blob). As time continues, larger and larger sub-prime monsters are retrieved.

T-15 Months to 5 Months

XEDRA becomes increasingly internally politicized, with different divisions competing for research dollars, and oversight staff conflicting in their opinions regarding the direction and goals of research.

T-13 Months

Short-range teleportation becomes a reality using fixed laboratory equipment.

T-12 Months to 6 Months

XEDRA begins storing sub-prime lifeforms, particularly XE037, and researching their potential as a possible super-weapon.

T-10 Months

Massive troop movements in China and DPRK provoke deployment by USAF. For the first time in history, a peacetime draft is instated.

T-10 Months

The successes of XEDRA lead to a greatly increased budgets and the construction of hundres of new research & production facilities in appropriate areas.

T-9 Months

Civil unrest regarding the drafts is widespread.

T-7 Months

Troops begin deploying with cutting-edge bionics systems. They are, according to intelligence, outpaced by Chinese developments.

T-6 Months

XEDRA gains increasingly unrestricted powers. Convicts with death sentences are used as subjects. Later, convicts with life sentences are used as well.

T-5 Months

Zombifying effect of XE037 discovered.

T-3 Months to T+0

Civil unrest progresses into wide-scale riots. Limited martial law instated in several areas. Deployment of robotic police is increased to maintain order.

T-4 Months to 1 Month

Corruption in XEDRA runs rampant and the legality of actions is frequently ignored. Due to the perceived importance of XEDRA, and the extenuating circumstances of public unrest and riots, these oversteps are mostly ignored.

T-30 Days

DPRK troop movements indicate an imminent attack. Missile launches batter South Korean port cities and act as a show of force. In response, US troop deployment is vastly increased, resulting in a much smaller military presence in mainland USA.

T-15 Days

XE037 surge occurs. XE037, a kind of sanguine hive mind, is responding to XEDRA’s probes. The surge occurs in all teleportation facilities simultaneously. During this event, XE037 contaminates the ground water and establishes “colonies” (slime pits). It is unknown whether Chinese/DPRK facilities experience this surge, as it is unknown whether they possess the equipment to perform transposition experiments.

T-15 Days to 5 Days

The first zombification incidents outside of labs occur. These are sometimes covered up by XEDRA; but often they aren’t even noticed, and the zombie is dismissed as a violent rioter and re-killed.

T-3 Days

Merging of XE037 and insect life occurs, resulting in rapid transformations.

T-3 Days to T+0

A series of terrorist attacks, including dirty bombs and biological weapons, is unleashed across the United States. NPRK & Chinese sleeper cells are expected.


Zombie outbreaks become widespread and critical mass is achieved; a zombie population which grows faster than it can be contained/killed.

T+18 Hours

Panic sets in; deaths are rapid and widespread.

T+36 Hours

50% zombification or death.

T+48 Hours

90% zombification or death.

T+56 Hours

Bombing of large US cities by an unknown aggressor commences. A crippled defense infrastructure is largely unable to respond.

T+60 Hours

A largely-defeated national guard retreats to fortified bunkers and air strips.

T+72 Hours

99% zombification or death.

T+5 Days

The game begins. Now you’re on your own.