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Cataclysm: Bright Nights

File location for Comestibles

There are a large number of files in json/items/comestibles, and this guide will help you decide where to put your new comestible!

List of special comestibles:

med.json — comestible that has an addiction effect besides alcohol and caffeine, plus bandages and antiseptic type items.

mre.json — items and comestibles related to MREs

mutagen.json — comestible that has any mutagen effect

carnivore.json — item that would normally be butchered from an animal or monster, and their cooked versions. examples: chunks of meat, tainted bones, boiled stomach

protein.json — comestibles based on protein powder

spice.json — comestibles that normally do not have nutrients, but are used to flavor a dish. examples: salt, thyme, black pepper

frozen.json — comestibles best eaten frozen

brewing.json — items used in the brewing process

List of normal comestibles, in order of priority:

When you have a comestible you want to add to the files, just go down this list, and the first filename you see in the list that matches the criteria is your choice!


alcohol.json — “Drink” comestible with alcohol addiction

soup.json — “Drink” comestible which is a soup. This is more of a “food” than a drink - you primarily want the calories from this

drink.json — “Drink” comestible. This is your drink of choice when you’re thirsty! examples: tea, juice, water

drink_other.json — “Drink” comestible that does not fit any other criteria. example: vinegar, mustard


junkfood.json — comestible with the “junk” material. examples: cake, sugary cereal, nachos

sandwich.json — a “sandwich” is generally two slices of “bread” with something in between. examples: BLT, PB&J sandwich, fish sandwich

offal_dishes.json — comestible made of various offals. the offal types are: liver, brain, kidney, sweetbread, stomach. This must be the primary part of the dish.

seed.json — seeds

meat_dishes_human.json — comestible made of human flesh. examples: hobo helper, tio taco

meat_dishes.json — comestible made with meat.

raw_veggy.json — comestible that is a vegetable in its raw form.

irradiated_veggy.json — comestible that is an irradiated vegetable. has an indefinite shelf life.

raw_fruit.json — comestible that is a fruit in its raw form.

irradiated_fruit.json — comestible that is an irradiated fruit. has an indefinite shelf life.

veggy_dishes.json — comestible made of vegetables.

bread.json — comestible that is either a bread starter, or a cooked bread.

wheat.json — either raw wheat, or made of wheat

egg.json — either an egg, or made of egg

dairy.json — made of milk

mushroom.json — a mushroom or made of mushrooms

nuts.json — a nut or made of nuts

other.json — if you made it here, your comestible doesn’t fit any other category!