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Cataclysm: Bright Nights

Building UDP tileset

Currently working on UndeadPeople tileset.

His discord server:

How do I set up and properly use unpacked?

  1. Fork repository . It contains unpacked tileset.

  2. . Use latest version. Make sure to check “Add Python to PATH” in installer settings.

  3. Install Libvips. Download it here: . Grab (or different version of it). Extract it to some directory (For example C:\vips) and add C:\vips\bin to Windows PATH. Instruction on how to add things to path look here: (I am using different directory for Libvips) screenshot 2021-09-13 001

  4. Install pyvips. To do it just write in your console: pip install pyvips screenshot 2021-09-13 003

And you are done. Now will work.


After that run \UndeadPeopleUnpacked\!COMPOSE_MAIN.bat to see if it is packing tileset. You will find packed files in UndeadPeopleUnpacked\!dda\ if everything was setup right. It will take some time

screenshot 2021-09-13 004

screenshot 2021-09-13 005

And here is packed tileset.