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Cataclysm: Bright Nights



Relics are regular items with special relic data attached to them.

Relic data is defined in JSON in relic_data field of corresponding item type definition, and whenever the item is spawned a copy of relic data is attached to the item instance.

Relic data object can contain the following fields:

"name": "Boots of Haste",       // Overrides default item name
"moves": 100,                   // (optional) Activation move cost (default 100)
"charges_per_activation": 1,    // (optional) Charges per activation (default 1)
"active_effects": [ {}, ... ],  // (optional) Spells executed on activation (identical to `hit_you_effect`, see [](
"passive_effects": [ {}, ... ], // (optional) List of passive effects (enchantments), see [](
"recharge_scheme": [ {}, ... ], // (optional) List of recharge methods, see below

Relic recharge

Relics can recharge under certain conditions. Recharge method is defined as follows (all fields optional):

  "type": "time", // Defines what resource is consumed. Default: time
  "req": "none", // Defines under what conditions recharge works. Default: none (no special requirements)
  "field": "fd_blood", // Field type to be consumed with 'field' recharge type
  "trap": "tr_portal", // Trap type to be consumed with 'trap' recharge type
  "interval": "5 minutes", // Interval at which the recharge check is done. Default: 1 second
  "int_min": 1, // Min intensity of related 'type' effect. Default: 0
  "int_min": 5, // Max intensity of related 'type' effect. Default: 0
  "rate": 2, // Amount of charges restored when recharge operation succeeds. Default: 0
  "message": "Your body decays!" // Optional message to print on success

Recharge type

timeNeeds no additional resources
solarConsumes sunlight (character must be in sunlight)
painCauses pain to recharge. Intensity controlled by int_min and int_max
hpCauses damage to all body parts. Intensity controlled by int_min and int_max
fatigueCauses fatigue and drains stamina. Fatigue drain controlled by int_min and int_max, stamina drain rolled as [ int_min*100, int_max*100 ]
fieldConsumes adjacent field. Allowed field intensity controlled by int_min and int_max
trapConsumes adjacent trap.

Recharge requirements

noneNo additional requirements (always works)
equippedMust be worn if armor, wielded if weapon.
close_to_skinMust be worn underneath all other clothing, or be wielded with bare hands
sleepCharacter must be asleep
radCharacter or map tile must be irradiated
wetCharacter must be wet, or it’s raining
skyCharacter must be above z=0